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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 25, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now" -- chicago on edge. >> the overnight protests after police release dash cam video of a white officer shooting a black teen 16 times. the outrage and the legal action. travel tension. the holiday warnings here in the u.s. and overseas. after investigators in europe reveal a new foiled terror plot. airline anger. the passenger kicked off the flight because of his weight. who complained, and who's now demanding an apology. and later the "dancing with the stars" championship. the three talented contestants compete in an amazing final round. and who took home that mirrorball trophy. we'll take you backstage. it's wednesday november 25th. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now."
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we do say good morning to you on this day before thanksgiving. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. don't forget to defrost that turkey. >> yes. you have just about 24 hours or so to go to do it. >> you probably should have defrost td already. >> is that right? >> yeah. but there are tips. we're going to have folks from the butterball hotline around. and over the next couple of days, including what to do with your leftovers. >> besides consuming it. >> i guess. >> all of those. and then next week we'll be talking about weight loss tips. enjoy that. >> you've mapped this out well. >> but of course there is a lot of stuff happening overnight. breaking overnight, the outrage in chicago. hundreds of protesters demanding justice over racially charged police shooting. >> the demonstrators actually spilled onto the streets after the city released graphic dash cam video showing a white officer opening fire on a black teenager as he walked away, hitting him 16 times. >> reporter: that officer now charged with murder and held without bond. we get the latest from abc's
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ryan burrow. >> reporter: protests and calls for calm in chicago after the city released this video, which officials say captures the moment a police officer murdered 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. the prosecutor says officer jason van dyke kept firing his gun even after the teen collapsed. >> it is graphic. it is violent. it is chilling. to watch a 17-year-old young man die in such a violent manner is deeply disturbing. >> reporter: the investigation took a year, but now van dyke is charged with first-degree murder. on october 20th, 2014 police received a call about a suspect armed with a knife breaking into cars. within ten minutes officers found mcdonald walking down the street. witnesses say and the video shows mcdonald was moving away from the officers when van dyke, his partner, and several others arrived. the prosecutor says within six seconds van dyke opened fire, shooting all 16 rounds from his
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gun within 15 seconds. mcdonald collapsed almost instantly and died soon after. outside court the officer's attorney said this. >> this is not a murder case. despite what you heard in the courtroom. >> reporter: now that the video has been made public, city officials are anticipating community outrage and more protests. >> i would like to echo the comments of the mcdonald family. they've asked for calm and for those who choose to speak out to do it peacefully. >> reporter: wishes they hope will keep any demonstrations from leading to more violence. ryan burrow, abc news, chicago. hundreds of protesters have also marched in the streets of minneapolis ten days after the shooting of jamar clark by police. three people are in custody for shooting into a crowd of black lives matter demonstrators monday night. police say more arrests are possible. a teenager has been charged with shooting a pennsylvania state trooper during a chase. the incident was caught on the trooper's dash cam. during the chase the suspect's
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car rammed the rear of a school bus. both vehicles burst into flames, as you can see there. luckily, there were no students on board the bus at the time of the crash. and the bus driver was not injured. the trooper, we're told, is going to be okay. today one of the busiest travel days of the year. americans hitting the roads, rails, and skies, seeing a pronounced state of heightened security with the fbi and homeland security concerned about the potential for a copycat domestic terror attack. many of the nation's 18,000 law enforcement agencies are at high alert, including the police at amtrak. >> what you're going to see here today is patrol officers, some deployed with long guns. over here we have one of our explosive detection canine. and then up there are special agents who have additional tactical skills. >> still law enforcement officials tell abc news they've uncovered no intelligence that isis sent a cell from syria to the u.s. like it did in paris. we're getting some new details this morning about a second terror plot that was
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supposed to bring even more death and destruction to paris. the french authorities believe it was supposed to be carried out just days after the first string of attacks by the same ringleader. and they also say another sleeper cell is still on the loose. we get more from abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: that paris attack ringleader, abdelhamid abaaoud, not only participated in the attacks, shooting up this restaurant, but also french prosecutors saying he and an accomplice planned a suicide attack on la defense, paris's wall street. that attack planned for november 18th or 19th, the day after s.w.a.t. teams cornered him north of paris. 5,000 bullets fired in this siege, finally killing him. [ explosion ] that explosion a still unidentified suicide bomber. the complicated web of attackers spinning wider. belgian authorities setting off an international manhunt for this man, mohammed abrini, who they say was seen at this gas station two nights before the attacks, driving one of the getaway cars. and with him, prosecutors say
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salah abdeslam, likely the driver of the attackers, who blew themselves up during this soccer match. [ explosion ] are you satisfied right now with the amount of information and intelligence that is shared? >> no. it's -- it was a failure. >> reporter: belgium's foreign minister didier renders telling abc news there was another cell of about ten terrorists still on the loose. >> it's possible to receive a real terrorist attack with the capacity to do the same, to have suicide bombings in the streets of brussels. >> reporter: with that high alert in effect through monday, this is still a city on partial lockdown. and while schools are scheduled to reopen, the foreign minister telling us those terrorists are likely targeting commercial centers and malls. matt gutman, abc news, brussels. keeping our focus overseas now, russia's president is warning that there will be significant consequences after turkey shot down a russian warplane. officials say one of the pilots was killed by ground fire as he
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parachuted from the plane. turkey said the russian plane disregarded repeated warnings and violated turkish air space before it was fired upon. the head of the u.n. is calling for both sides to deescalate tensions. the president of france meets with german leader angela merkel today on internation efforts to fight isis. yesterday francois hondaee and president obama vowed to step up air strikes against the islamic terror group. they also agreed to bolster efforts to share intelligence on isis. the new government in canada has announced plans to resettle 25,000 syrian refugees by february. the government says robust health and security screening will be completed overseas. their settlement of syrian refugees here in the u.s. has become a political issue with dozens of governors rejecting resettlement efforts. hillary clinton is appeasing immigration activists by cleaning up her language a little bit. during a facebook chat with telemundo yesterday clinton said that her use of the determine "illegal immigrants" earlier
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this month at a town hall in new hampshire was a poor choice of words in describing immigrants who are breaking the law by entering the u.s. she later went on to describe them as undocumented immigrants. and clinton's primary opponent is making some immigration promises of his own. bernie sanders vowing to create what he describes as a humane immigration system, saying if elected he would allow all immigrants who've been in the country legally for at least five years to remain mere without fear of being deported. republican presidential candidate mike huckabee has special plans for the thanksgiving holiday. knee surgery. outpatient procedure is today. huckabee says it won't interrupt his campaign schedule. the former arkansas governor hurt his knee about two weeks ago, and he's been using a cane. huckabee has also been struggling in the polls. well, there are now 17 more recipients of the nation's highest civilian award, the medal of freedom. president obama called this year's honorees an extraordinary
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group, and they include baseball legend willie mays and yogi berra povt humsly of course. musicians yitzchak perlman, barbra streisand, james taylor and gloria and emilio estefan. stephen sondheim and filmmaker steven spielberg. >> his stories have shaped america's story and his values have shaped our world. >> it there were also several politicians, academics, and humanitarians among the 17. the president said this year's group is even better than usual. "a class act that represents what's best in us," he says. >> it was really fun to watch. >> was it? >> great group of people. and there will also be a couple of other guests of honor at the white house today. some fine feathered friends. >> yeah, they are two turkeys who go by the nam of honest and abe. >> whoa. look at them wearing those feathers well. >> wow, they're huge. they will be right there with the president today as he delivers the annual official presidential turkey pardon.
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>> honest and abe were raised in california's central valley. they flew in for the party yesterday. not clear if it was first class or economy. and they are spending the night in a suite. yes, they're going to be in a suite in the swanky washington hotel. we'll see them later at the white house. has our white house unit ever launched an investigation into whether pardoned turkeys later make it into the frozen section of the grocery store? >> somehow? butterball. not quite yet. but that hotel is so beautiful. it's right next to the white house. it is where mlk spent his night before -- >> the willard? >> yeah. the "i have a dream" speech. and that's where these guys are hanging out for the night. >> wow. now you know why you couldn't get a room there. >> party on. could you imagine? it's great. so coming up in "the mix," a black friday shopper waiting in line in complete comfort. it's an elaborate scene that you have to see. >> also ahead, the frequent flyer kicked off a flight because of his weight. what the airline has to say after a conflict in the skies.
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and later, the challenging final round on "dancing with the stars." the three talented contestants and who's taking home the mirrorball trophy. and remember, you can find us on facebook anytime of day, and on twitte twitter @abcwnn. we always use the hashtag wnnfans too. tell us what you think. you're watching "world news now." olay regenerist renews from within, plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation
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moisture so i can get into it ao enhance mbit quicker. ral and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel. that would be a rocket made
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by a company called blue origin lifting off in texas on monday. the company, headed by amazon ceo jeff bezos, once the rocket got to 62 miles high, its capsule and its booster separated. the capsule parachuted back to earth. so the cool part about this was when the booster came back down, it fired its rocket yet again and touched down standing. >> wow. >> having a reusable rocket is considered a big step toward making space flight less expensive. >> okay. i get that. maybe there are some things in life you don't want to reuse. >> a rocket is not -- >> you think so? really? >> yeah. we did the shuttle for decades. >> i know. >> it worked out all right. >> all right. i just wish some things didn't have to change. >> great. thanks. >> i still like my corded telephone too. a frequent flyer, though, is staying considerably closer to earth, has now a major bone to pick with american airlines this morning. >> after he boarded his flight. in dallas he was asked to deplane. apparently because another
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passenger complained about his size. kabc's greg lee has the story. >> reporter: chris shelly travels a lot for work. the huntington beach resident says he flies more than 80 times every year. most of those flights with american airlines. earning him elite status. >> executive platinum is over 100,000 miles per year. >> reporter: on his last flight from dallas to orange county's john wayne airport he took his assigned middle seat. he says an elderly woman took the aisle seat and began fidgeting. she got up and a gate agent came back. >> leaning over the seat and says to me, sir, you need to get your stuff right now and deplane with me. >> reporter: shocked, shelly followed the agent and asked for an explanation. the agent told him the elderly woman complained he was too big. >> it was humiliating to be embarrassed by that, to be called fat or big. >> reporter: the former active duty marine says a manager made it worse by offering him a seat belt extender. the crew allowed him back on the plane after he said he would switch seats with the woman. he filed the complaint with the
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airline and is not happy with the e-mail response he received. >> more or less telling me our flight people are going to do what they want to do, it's really too bad. >> reporter: in a statement american apologizes to shelly and says, "we always aim to give all of our customers the best possible travel experience, and we fell short of that with mr. shelley while trying to accommodate another passenger." the airline also says it's investigating what happened. shelley says that might not be enough. >> i have flights booked with american airlines. i am seriously considering canceling those flights and using another airline. >> reporter: shelley says his main goal is just to keep this from happening to someone else. reporting in santa ana, greg lee, abc 7, eyewitness news. >> just seems incredible someone would do that. >> he doesn't seem like that big of a guy. so kind of shocking that would happen. i'm jealous of his status, though. executive platinum. that's what i've been trying to get for years. coming up, in our next half hour, hit hard. the nfl player whose crushing blow to the head apparently going unnoticed.
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the investigation into why this quarterback was allowed back in for the very next play. but first, the stars all out for the season finale of "dancing with the stars." the big winner revealed in a triumphant moment last night. we'll take you straight to the ballroom. that's next on "world news now."
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♪ this was really incredible. all the stars back with their dancing shoes for last night's season finale of "dancing with the stars." >> an event so big they had to take it outside the ballroom into the grove, the mall there in l.a. >> and as with every finale, the question is which star won it all? >> well, you know, the bettors knew that this would be the case. so for the highlights we go to brandi hitt who was there for it all. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning, reena
3:20 am
and kendis. the celebrating continues here on the "dancing with the stars" floor. you've got victor espinoza to my right. but the big story of course is bindi irwin. she was a fan favorite from the beginning. and to right now she is a "dancing with the stars" champion. >> ho, ho, ho, and welcome to the season finale. >> reporter: a star-studded holiday-themed finale for season 21's "dancing with the stars." enough for two stages. >> my gift to all of you. >> reporter: with 12 celebrities back out on the dance floor. ♪ there'll be music everywhere and several live performances including this one by chaka khan. ♪ i'm every woman but it all came down to the three finalists and their last fusion dance. first up, backstreet boy nick carter. with just 24 hours to rehearse. >> 10! >> reporter: then it was alek skarlatos's turn. the american hero kicking up his heels one final time for the
3:21 am
judges. >> 27 out of 30. >> reporter: and finally, team wildlife conservationist bindi irwin. a crowd favorite since the beginning. >> season 21 has been my favorite so far and it's because of you, bindi irwin. >> reporter: the hosts first revealed this season's third place celebrity. >> alek and lindsay. >> i've just had so much fun. >> reporter: then the big moment. the "dancing with the stars" champion. >> bindi and derek! >> bindi deserved it. bindi deserved it. >> thank you so much for everything. i can't believe that i'm here. thank you for changing my life. >> reporter: what a moment for bindi irwin. she and the rest of the finalists are now on a flight heading your way to new york city so they can appear on "good morning america" this morning. reena and kendis. >> oh, it was incredible. brandi, thank you so much. >> it was a lot of fun. >> i'm really looking forward to seeing what bindi has -- >> oh. hello. >> maybe she'll be coaching us. maybe that's what she will
3:22 am
announce when she appears on "good morning america" today. >> bend it like bindi.
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and now it's time for "the mix." we've got you black friday tips from the number one man in line. >> he's always number one. >> here you go. take a look at this. he is jarvis johnson from arizona. and he is first in line for black friday shopping. check out his setup. he's got camping set up. there's a bed. there's electricity. there's even a television. take a listen. >> for any shoppers on black friday what are some of your expert tips? >> to get here early. not this early. but i say get here early because the early bird gets the worm. so the earlier you get here the better chance you can guarantee you can get something you really, really want. >> there you go. he's hoping for a 49-inch tv. $149. he's also a freestyle rapper. you see him freestyling there.
3:26 am
he says i hope you like the price because they very, very nice. >> and she's got a little bit of rhythm too. did you ever think he's not really the first guy in line but just meless? >> no. everything says -- >> just trying to hang out there all the time? >> high roller black friday shopper. >> well-g for him. good luck. he can get that tv and all that good stuff. well, google is getting all in on the "star wars" bandwagon. of course you know the movie comes out in just about three weeks. and they did this whole like choose your side campaign. and as part of it if you type that in, "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away," this is what happens. boom. mind burst. it turns your entire computer into that screen. like the scrolling text at the start of the movie of course. but it's all part of a campaign to choose your own skin for -- "star wars" themed skin for google apps as well as google calendar, chrome, gmail.
3:27 am
it's kind of cool. >> that's an interesting thing to do if you've got free time. >> or nothing else to do. >> university of massachusetts want to show you roll forward done tavious smith. boom. he shatters the headboard. >> did he score? >> yeah, i'm not -- >> the glass just shattered. >> the glass shattered. the ball popped out. >> did you call it the headboard? >> it's a headboard. >> it's a backboard. >> headboard, backboard is the same thing. >> it's a broken board. okay. so patti labelle is finally talking about the viral sensation that has erupted with her sweet potato pie. well, you know, you saw this video and she says, this is so cool, she's so happy with all that james wright has done for her that she's inviting him to philadelphia and she's going to cook for him on thanksgiving. >> no. >> yeah. she says you give love to people who give you love. and he did that
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this morning on "world news now," racial tension in chicago. demonstrators blocking highways, making demands after police released that video of a white officer shooting a black teen. a city on edge overnight. terror warnings on one of the busiest travel days of the year. police on the lookout on trains and planes. taking no chances. and new this half hour, extreme weather just in time for thanksgiving. >> the powerful storm bringing heavy snow and powerful winds from the west to the big cities in the middle of the country. accuweather tracking it right now. and who were you rooting for on "dancing with the stars"? bindi and the backstreet boy and their impressive moves during the final night. we're going backstage in "the skinny" on this wednesday, november 25th. >> announcer: from abc news,


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